Byzantine Proof Bitcoin

BPB Description Video--Short

BPB Advantages:
1. BPB Transaction fees: 0.05%.

2. BPB network transfer fee: 1/10th of BTC, BCH and 1/20 of smart contracts.

3. Team:
BPB team originated from Oracle (Database No.1) and Intel (Chip No.1).Core skills include Intel's most sophisticated zero-interference CPU internalmonitoring technology (only a few US citizens in Intel are allowed to use it).

4. Architecture:
True pipeline real-time architecture. If there is price match, trade finishes in afew microsecond internal, a few millisecond external. Faster than blink ofeyes. It combines Wall Street payment engineering with Silicon Valley'slatest real-time cluster database, real-time operating system technology, real-time online conference technology and real-time LTE signal pipeline decoding.

5. Performance:
Up to 3 million transactions/sec, much higher than that of current digitalpayments and credit cards. With ECC hardware acceleration to ensurereliability and stability. Our transaction speed is equivalent to ten times lowerhardware costs. Transaction costs and transaction security are critical in retail,gaming, coupons as they have huge transaction volumes and they are verysensitive to fee costs.

6. Includes high-frequency FIX trading interfaces for any entity such asvarious funds and hedge funds, robotic high-frequency trading, etc.

7. Includes high frequency retailer trading interface and high frequencygaming interface.

8. BPB has six security barriers. You can set up to 4 encrypted privatekeys, which is equivalent to hackers need to break through 4 blockchains tobreak your defense. It also has master key, multisig, RSA files and IPScombined defense.

9. BPB wallet can option into cross-payment price-difference trading fund.10. BPB is registered in Wyoming, with key engineers in Silicon Valley,California, combining the best technology and legal system in US with mostfavorable regulations in Wyoming, to create the most competitive payment.


Tammuz Dubnov founded Zuzor, an Experience-Driven Digital company with a proprietary system that generates interactive graphics in real-time from movement. Tammuz graduated with Honors in pure Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science and Dance, from University of California, Berkeley. LinkedIn

Yun(Leo)Liu has over 20 years of experience in finance, e- commerce, machine learning, online travel and web services. Yun graduated from Iowa State University in 1996 with a master's degree in statistics 1996 – 1999 LinkedIn

Mikhail specialized on intrusion detection and computer security, crypto algorithms, he will be focusing on the security of wallet and network. He has PhD in Computer Security & Artificial Intelligence from University of Texas at Austin with GPA 4.0/4.0. LinkedIn

David Liu specialized in hardware and software limitation and real-time programming. He had worked on Intel’s 1/billionth of a second CPU internal monitoring technology to improve performance on various databases. He has a Masters in computer science w straight As from RPI at Troy, NY.LinkedIn

We have multiple firewalls, all addresses 3/5 multisig, cold wallet, transparent fee of 0 ~ 0.05%, registered legal payment at Wyoming by American engineers, USA where you have strong legal protection. LinkedIn